Overcrowding may force university students to live in tents: UK
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Overcrowding may force university students to live in tents: UK

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Sep 15
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"Seeing as I can't do online study, it is basically either to commute, it's a two-hour drive, or buy a bigger car and put a mattress in the back and just find a campsite, '' a student said. 
"I feel like I should be excited to go back, but actually, I'm just feeling quite panicked and sad about the whole thing."
Issie Swanborough, a second-year student at Falmouth, said: "It was really disheartening because, anytime that I found somewhere, it would either be unavailable or they didn't accept students or the booking list was full or something.
"There was always something wrong, and it really gets to you. And it was just really, really stressful."
A spokesperson for the University of Exeter said: "It has been a particularly challenging period for private student accommodation availability, and the university’s accommodation team is working tirelessly to assist any student with accommodation needs ahead of the new academic year."

A scarcity of rental units has left locals homeless. Many students are unable to reside in university-owned housing because of private rentals.

According to the representative, the situation is exacerbated by second houses, vacation rentals, and relocating - the same problems that plague Cornwall right now.

This year, all Falmouth University first-year students have been allocated a bed in university-owned or controlled housing.

Many returning students or students who don't want to live in student halls and can't find adequate housing face difficulties in the local private leased sector.

As across Cornwall, the housing problem in Falmouth is exacerbated by the UK tourist boom, the increase in holiday rentals, and the demand for properties from individuals moving to Cornwall.

For those students, the Accommodation Service and academic teams have dedicated personnel who help them discover local solutions and continue their educational path.

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