Poor quality student furnishings see one in three students cause accidental damage
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Poor quality student furnishings see one in three students cause accidental damage

Global News
Mar 8
3 min read

Large flocks of students believe there is a vast indifference between the furniture provided within student accommodation and the price they pay to stay. Students also think that from booking till the final process, quality drags way before their ends meet. 

Manor Interiors, a leading real estate company, surveyed roughly 1,000 UK students and interviewed them about how they feel about their university living space regarding the furniture within them.

The topic soon became a gossip of discussion online when the news broke. Many students often showed support regarding raising a voice against such practices of rising rent in the student accommodation industry vs the amenities provided. 

Today, the average cost of renting purpose-built student accommodation across the UK roughly comes at £147, adding up to £7,600 annual expenses for student accommodation options.

CEO of Manor Interiors, Farhan commented:“The cost of renting can consume a considerable chunk of a student’s finances and it’s fair to say that furniture within student accommodation will be more rigorously put through its paces compared to a property rented by a professional or mature tenant.

"So it’s understandable that PBSA providers try to strike a balance between providing a cost-effective offering and one that adequately meets the needs of the modern student."

The survey also revealed some staggering facts about the students' past experience. Around one in three students (33%) admit that they’ve accidentally broken a piece of furniture due to the poor quality of the furniture itself.

The survey has highlighted some major loopholes in the student accommodation industry and has opened waves of messages pouring for the upliftment of student housing services in the UK. 

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