UK Students Most Alarmed About Covid Precautions
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UK Students Most Alarmed About Covid Precautions

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Mar 13
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A new study reveals that UK students are alarmed about the safety of student accommodation once they return to their universities. As the UK government is starting to ease international travel, the majority of the UK students aren't satisfied with the current scenario. 

Manor Interiors, a build to rent furnishing solutions firm, has covered a new poll regarding the safety of students in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Around 1,032 UK students took part in the survey through Find Out Now, a popular consumer research platform.

The survey found that many students often disagree with the current situation and require further attention towards their safety. Furthermore, 78% of poll takers believe that student accommodation could be improved to reduce the risk of catching Covid-19. Meanwhile, the remaining 22% felt safe and regarded their accommodation as a secure place to stay. 

Farhan Malik, the chief executive officer of Manor Interiors, shared his views on the topic. "It's encouraging to see that despite being least at risk health-wise, the younger generation is considering the threat posed by Covid when heading to university and the vital role they play in minimising its spread," Malik explained.  

Under the survey, various preventive measures arose in students' minds that delivered urgency for the student accommodation industry.  With more, the sudden yet crucial results are now being used to understand how the threat of catching the deadly Coronavirus can be decreased. 

"Covid is unlikely to disappear any time soon, and we must adapt across the board to deal with it. The design of student accommodation is no different. Whether it's the delivery of new units or the redesign of older buildings, there's plenty that can be done to minimise the risks posed by Covid," said Malik. 

Below is a table of the results.

Source: Property Investor Today

The study found too little ventilation indoors and limited open space as the top two of the biggest worries amongst tenants. Additionally, a large flock of students also affirmed the absence of proper window fittings that made them unable to fully open and causing concerns regarding the spreading of the virus. 

"Space is always tight where student accommodation is concerned, and health and safety requirements prevent greater levels of ventilation through fully open windows in large blocks," Mallik affirmed. 

Seeing the rising demand for student accommodation in the UK in the past few months, the administration has decided to take controlled steps to ensure adequate safety for the young populace. 

These immediate and cost-effective changes to existing accommodation will deliver better offerings and will allow them to reduce concern among students. 

With the two-metre distancing rule and cleaning, hands regularly is a necessary and only precaution for all students. And the board has also planned to cover small sanitisation areas in communal spaces to foolproof every students' safety. 

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